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Founded in June 2018, Shenzhen Xiaoxi Streaming Technology Co. is a technology innovation company. It mainly provides core technology services such as network streaming CDN/PCDN, big data and basic software. At the same time, the company has professional talents involved in different fields, to achieve each tailor-made cooperation program. The company is nationally recognized as a "dual-soft enterprise", "national high-tech enterprise" and "national key software enterprise", and has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification and intellectual property rights certification system. Certification of Intellectual Property System. We export 100% of our core technologies and have established long-term and solid relationships with partners in Europe, South America and other markets. At the same time, the company has a mature system, caring staff to pay attention to current affairs, and actively participate in various public welfare activities, so as to keep abreast of the times.

Cloudstream conforms to the trend of the market, dares to think things that others can't think of, constantly breaks through innovation, and uses technology to create a better future.

Company Culture & Core Values

Company culture

-Pursue the ultimate and create bigger dreams
-Good at breaking through, never standing still



Talent development

-Committed to the improvement of employee skills
-Provide adequate career development space
-Meet the growth needs of different employees

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